Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ChG Fortune Teller

ChG Fortune Teller is a halloween polish from a few years ago, though I am not sure of the year or collection.  It's a lovely black jelly with orange multi-shaped multi-sized glitter (small circles and larger hexagons as far as I can see).  Application was average, with a bit of streaking on the first coat, but it all evened out by the third.  I used a goat of Gelous followed by Seche Vite even though this is a 3-free polish; I think SV evens out hungry glitters better than Poshe.   Happy Halloween!      >^..^<

Sunday, October 28, 2012

OPI Casino Royale

OPI Casino Royale is another from the OPI holiday 2012 James Bond collection Skyfall.  This is a lovely deep plum creme, which dries darker than the bottle looks.  I love colors like this!  So perfect for fall (well, any season, really).  Application was great, but I did 3 coats as usual for depth of color, followed by Poshe. The sun wasn't out, so all these pics are under cloudy skies - sorry.  And I apologize for the surface scratching - I did a little "living" before I got around to taking pics.  Enjoy!     >^..^<

ChG Cast a Spell

ChG Cast a Spell is from the 2012 China Glaze Halloween collection, the name of which slips my mind.  This is a lovely dark green base with lime/yellow-green glitter / glass fleck type shimmer.  As expected, it is lovely in the sun, although my camera wasn't able to capture just how shimmery and sparkly it really is.  In low / indirect / indoor light it still has an interesting finish, as the lighter colored particles add a lot of depth and texture.  Application was a dream, and it is highly pigmented so this was only 2 coats.  If you can still find this one I'd definitely recommend picking it up!    >^..^<

Friday, October 26, 2012

Lippmann Sugar Shack

Lippmann Sugar Shack is from the new holiday 2012 Bloomingdale's exclusive Sugar Plum Fantasy trio.  It's a gorgeous rosey purple microglitter shimmer with turquoise accent.  Application was great, as usual for Lippmann's, but it is a bit on the sheer side, so I used 4 coats for full opacity and depth of color.  I've had this on for a few days, and the wear is great - no chipping, no lifting, and very little tip wear.  This is my favorite from this trio - I hope you like it too!   >^..^<

OPI You Only Live Twice

OPI You Only Live Twice is from the new holiday 2012 James Bond collection Skyfall.  It's a lovely pink-toned red, with tons of sparkle from a glass-fleck-like microglitter.  Application was a breeze, and I used 3 coats as usual, topped with Poshe.  Great color!   >^..^<

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OPI Skyfall

OPI Skyfall is from the new OPI holiday 2012 James Bond collection Skyfall.  This namesake color is a gorgeous dark red / brown... "oxblood" as I've heard described elsewhere.  Application was great, with mild streaking at the first coat, but I used 3 coats, as usual, and everything evened out nicely and is a very rich color.  I love reds in general, so this is a polish I can really appreciate!    >^..^<

Monday, October 22, 2012

Nicole Here We Kome A-Karoling

Nicole Here We Kome A-Karoling is a new color I picked up at Target the other day.  It's a deep rick dark purple with pinkish purple microshimmer, most evident in the sun.  Despite it being dark, it never looks black, even in poor lighting.  It's a bit deeper than FP Plum Startled, and the shimmer here is much finer, but they are in the same family.  Application was... ok... I hate the brush (too flat, almost concave) and it was difficult to get a nice line around the cuticle because of it. And the polish itself was just ok also - there was some streaking and dragging, but it all evened out at 3 coats.     >^..^<