Sunday, June 30, 2013

Zoya Frida / OPI Crown Me, Already

Zoya Frida / OPI Crown Me, Already is a sandwich combo I tried for the first time.  Frida is a very sheer jelly - I'd call it syrupy it is so sheer.  It basically adds a wash of color but will never build into an opaque polish.  Crown Me, Already is a silver glitter with both small square and larger hexagonal pieces of glitter.  It's pretty dense, and I've worn it by itself (with a few layers for full opacity).  For this look today I used 2 coats of Frida, one coat of Crown Me, and another layer of Frida to top it off.  The end result is a soft but sparkly seafoam teal green.  Frida is a little streaky by itself, so after 2 layers I was glad to add the Crown Me to cover some of that unevenness.  I used 1 layer of Frida over the Crown Me, just enough to give some color back and add that squishy jelly quality to it.  Since it is such a sheer jelly, Frida tends to not extend fully to the free edge and hence looks like tip wear, when in fact it's just thin polish.  I had this same problem with other syrupy polishes like Lippmann Rehab as well.  Overall I'm enjoying this combo, even though mid tone greens aren't usually my thing.  Hope you like it too - enjoy!     >^..^<

Zoya Logan

Zoya Logan is a grass green glass fleck shimmer that I picked up at Ulta a while back.  Colors like this aren't usually my thing, and I don't really know why I chose this, but it is very pretty!  Application was nice, as usual for most Zoya's - nice brush, good consistency, easy to control, but a little sheer as I needed 2 thick coats to even it out, although I could have used 3 thin ones for full opacity.  It's got a nice textured look to it in all lighting, including indoor indirect, and the shimmer turns a bit golden in the sun.  Overall it's a lovely polish, I'm just not sure I like it enough to wear it again given how many polishes I have!  Enjoy -     >^..^<

Thursday, June 27, 2013

SOPI Metro Too Chic

SOPI Metro Too Chic is another beauty I picked up at Sephora's clearance sale of SOPI's.  It's a beautiful grey taupe with a hint of purple and a gorgeous pink shimmer.  Application was great - as with most SOPI's, it has a nice consistency, easy to control, and built nicely in opacity with no streaking.  Although this is probably more of a classically autumn color, I'm really enjoying it - the pink shimmer is gorgeous, especially in the sun, and although it dies a bit in indirect light it is still there enough to add a slightly textured appearance to the finish.  Definitely one to pick up before it's gone forever if you like this type of color!  Enjoy -     >^..^<