Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lippmann Cleopatra in New York

Lippmann Cleopatra in New York is a release from fall 2012.  It is a gold glitter comprised of various sizes of hexagonal particles suspended in a somewhat sheer, but buildable, black base.  Application was ok for a glitter of this type - I didn't have too much trouble controlling the gap, and there was very little "glitter creep" toward the cuticles.  It is sheer, and the glitter doesn't start out evenly distributed, but by 3 coats it is nice and opaque with even glitter.  It dries slightly bumpy, and very shiny even on it's own, so although I used Poshe on top it didn't really change the polish appearance that much.  There were a few spots where glitter creeped over the free edge, so I just rocked my tip on the table to flatten it out and move the glitter back into place, and all was good.  I really like this one - very unique, kind of edgy, interesting to look at and it makes me happy.   Enjoy!     >^..^<

ChG It's a Trap-eze

ChG It's a Trap-eze is from the recent Cirque du Soleil collection.  It has multi-colored glitter of various sizes suspended in a milky white / grey / blue toned base, which gives it some depth and makes the glitter not as harsh looking as it might if it were just a topcoat in a clear base.  Application was ok - I used 3 coats here for opacity and depth and to get the glitter evenly distributed.  I had little trouble with "glitter creep" at the cuticle line, and it was fairly easy to control the gap.  I used Poshe as a topcoat, and wear was very good.

I got a new camera, and was testing it out at the time I was taking nail pics, so the pics below are a mix of shots from the 2.  Can you tell the difference?  Enjoy!     >^..^<

Monday, January 28, 2013

ChG Red Satin

ChG Red Satin is from this past holiday collection.  It's a very pretty neutral medium red creme with a slightly jelly-ish finish.  Application was great, and it built nicely in opacity, although even at 3 coats I can see a little VNL if I look closely.  It has an extremely glossy finish, but I topped it with Poshe anyway, and as usual I took the pics the day after, so they aren't as glossy as they were right when I did them.  If you notice any difference in pics, I was trying out a new camera, so some are with the old, some with the new.  Although this isn't a very unique polish, it is very pretty, despite it being an almost exact dupe to another polish I have on the table at the moment - Essie She's Pampered.  So one of them will have to go - I just need to try the Essie first!  Enjoy -     >^..^<

ChG Bend Over Backwards

ChG Bend Over Backwards is from the recent Cirque du Soleil collection, and unfortunately is dupey to 2 other recent OPI releases.  This is almost identical to OPI Die Another Day, although Die is *slightly* more red; it is also similar to OPI Deutsche You Want Me Baby, but Deutsche is more orange.  I'd say you definitely don't need all 3!  Anyway - application was good, as with most China Glaze shimmers, and built nicely in opacity and depth of color.  Unfortunately the sun didn't come out today, so all the pics are taken under cloudy skies, except the last comparison shot, which was with the flash on by the window.  It's a beautiful color, but I think I'll pass this one on as I have Dutsche and Die, and for some reason I have a hard time purging OPI's.  Enjoy!     >^..^<

Saturday, January 26, 2013

OPI Tickets to Paradise

OPI Tickets to Paradise is a discontinued Soft Shade from the Honeymoon Edition collection from spring 2005.  It's a soft pinky-white with lilac undertones (at least now it is...).  I have had this bottle for several years, and the lilac whiteness has faded significantly!  I included pics from early 2008 (taken with a different camera) that clearly shows how the color has faded over the years (and yes all my polishes are stored away from sunlight).  I swear it's the same bottle.  :)  Application was ok - a little streaky, as it is a more opaque soft shade that doesn't surprise me, but it all evened out.  I used 4 coats here to cover the yellowness in my nails topped with Poshe.  I am enjoying these soft neutrals right now, so I'm pretty happy with this one even if it isn't the color it used to be!  Enjoy -     >^..^<

(This first batch of pics were taken this morning)

The following set of pics were taken in early 2008 (with a different camera) but you can clearly see this polish has faded significantly over the past few years.