Saturday, January 12, 2013

SH Mermaid's Tale

SH Mermaid's Tale is a new addition to the Salon line.  It is a near dupe for Lippmann Across the Universe, the only difference being a slight hue difference in the very small blue glitter particles.  Looking at them side by side in the bottle, the Lippmann appears to have a slightly darker, more opaque jelly base, as the SH is quite sheer.  Application on this one stunk - it was very thin and sheer, the brush was a moppy mess, the glitter was hard to get placed evenly and accurately, resulting in glitter particles just hanging out at the edges, and it was so sheer that it didn't cover the tips well (as some jellies don't) resulting in what looks like uneven tip wear.  I used Poshe as a tc, and so far wear has been pretty good, and I like the color (AtU is one of my favorite polishes) so I'm pretty happy overall with the end result.  If you already have AtU you don't need this one, but if you don't this is a lower cost way to get the near same look.  Enjoy!   >^..^<

Here is Lippmann Across the Universe for comparison (it has a darker base to my eye, and the distribution of the glitter makes it look somewhat more "sophisticated" than the SH).  As it has a jelly base as well, you can see the "tip wear" look at the free edge with this one too.  Goes with the territory I guess, but I think it is more pronounced in the SH.

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