Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SH Indigo Creme

SH Indigo Creme is one I dug out of the vault.  It's an old New Lengths color, but I have no idea when it actually came out.    Although it's called Indigo Creme, it actually is more of a slightly teal navy and it isn't a creme, as it has a subtle shimmer!  Oh, Sally.  Application was wonderful - great consistency, flowed pefectly, even distribution with no streaking, excellent pigmentation - just great.  The brush handle is very long, but the brush itself was fabulous.  And it covered completely in just 2 coats with no cuticle drag or streaking at all.  It's not 3 free, as it does have DBP in it, but not toluene.  I used SV on top since it does have DBP, and dry time was fine, but as you can see there is a bit of tip wear despite my wrapping the tips.  Overall I really love this one - the color and subtle shimmer are right up my alley, and the formula is fantastic.  If you are ok with old non-b3f polishes I'd suggest investing in some of these!  Enjoy -     >^..^<

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