Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sparitual Improvisation

Sparitual Improvisation is from the new collection for holiday 2013.  It is a beautiful deep salmon / coral red color with blue shimmer - very nice!  Reminds me of OPI's Wing It!, but they are not dupes.  It's not a dark shade, and I hesitate to even refer to it as a red, as it really is more... well... salmony-pink.  The blue shimmer is very pearly in it's appearance, and is visible in all lighting, which is nice.  Application was great, as with most SR's I've tried - wonderful consistency, easy to control, nice brush, and although this color is a bit sheer on the first coat it built nicely in opacity (I used 4 coats here, which I don't mind).  I have had this one on for 2 days, so pardon the tip wear as I didn't get to take pics yesterday.  If you see this one (I found it at Ulta) it's worth picking up!  Enjoy -     >^..^<

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