Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chanel Ciel de Nuit

Chanel Ciel de Nuit... what a beauty.  I only break out my really hard to find polishes on special occasions (usually), and I count birthdays as one of those excuses to use them!  In fact it's been since 2008 that I've worn this one.  I was lucky enough to get this one from a very sweet generous friend, and I will be forever grateful and humbled (thank you my friend!).  Anyway - we all know the look... but this is the iconic polish that epitomizes "night sky" (appropriately named Ciel de Nuit - Sky of the Night).  Application was very good for such an old color - not thick or goopy at all - I'm impressed it has kept it's consistence for this long!  Minimally streaky at 1 coat, it evened out nicely and I used 3 for opacity and depth of color. It has silver and blue glitter suspended in a deep navy base, and is just beautiful in all lighting, but really shines in direct sunlight.  It is a glorious color, and has spawned many imitations (most notoriously Essie's Starry Starry Night).  But my favorite, and I think even better than CdN, is Orly's Silent Night.  Enjoy!    >^..^<

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