Friday, February 1, 2013

Lippmann My Prerogative

Lippmann My Prerogative is a half-size polish; 0.27oz (8ml) instead of the standard 0.5oz (15ml), and it isn't quite as small as your usual 5ml "mini" polish.  It is a beautiful cobalt blue, lying somewhere between royal blue and navy.  It looks blue in all lighting, but leans darker (i.e. more navy) in indirect light.  In sunlight it is more of a true royal blue.  Application wasn't as good as I'm used to with Lippmann's, but I blame the brush.  Usually I love Lippmann brushes, but this was very flat at the tip so it was hard to get a nice curve at the cuticle line, and for some reason, I had a hard time getting the polish to apply fully without patching along the sides of the nail, and I found myself re-dipping a few times.  But the polish itself is great - a nice creamy, highly pigmented formula that built opacity nicely, with no streakiness once I got the hang of the brush.  I'm usually not a fan of bright mid-tone blues, but this is dark enough for me to fall in love with it.  Enjoy!     >^..^<

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