Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lippmann Raspberry Beret

Lippmann Raspberry Beret (from the She's Always a Woman set, but also found in other places) is another half-size polish from DL. It's a beautiful berry, a purple-leaning reddish base that has a slightly dusty quality to it.  Combine that with duochrome (orange to green) flakies and you have a beautiful creation!  It's the same idea as Sweet Dreams, but in a much deeper darker jelly base.  Application was a bit challenging, as the formula was quite thick.  It felt like I was glooping it on, it streaked, and wasn't easy to control the gap.  It could use some thinning, but my bottle was so full I didn't dare add any more liquid to it!  But the end result (3 coats later) was nice and smooth and almost completely even.  I used Gelous then Poshe, as the surface looked a bit lumpy to me, and so far wear is very good!  I even took a picture with some real raspberries just for fun.  Enjoy!     >^..^<

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