Friday, March 21, 2014

OPI DS Lapis

OPI DS Lapis is a recently released addition to the long-standing Designer Series collection, which notoriously started as a collection of holo polishes.  Lapis is a medium dark royal blue crelly with small square silver and blue glitter.  Application was very good - the formula is smooth, easy to control, and built nicely in opacity.  However it did want to dry matte, and not in a good way like the textured polishes do - this was like a fog on the surface and definitely needed a topcoat; I used a coat of Gelous and Poshe, and it is smooth and sparkly and beautiful.  I'm a sucker for "night sky" type polishes, and this one is gorgeous (I just wish the base color was a bit darker!).  Enjoy -     >^..^<


  1. Gorgeous pictures! This polish has been on my lemming list for a while, but I'm wondering how glitter hungry it is. Are 2 coats of tc necessary to get a smooth & shiny look or will one coat do?

    1. Hi Liz - thank you! I used one coat of topcoat on my nail wheel, and it was slightly textured (bumpy) when fully dry, but still nice and sparkly. I used Gelous and Poshe together for the mani after seeing how it dried on the wheel. But it is not a "hungry glitter" - it isn't rough and scratchy like some actually hungry ones, just a little too matte for me and has a slight bumpiness to it. But TC fixed it right up!

    2. I like what you're saying! My wallet however, does not ;)