Tuesday, December 25, 2012

China Glaze Party Hearty over White Kwik Silvr

ChG Party Hearty over White Kwik Silvr (over a coat of Ooh La La White Pearl) was my Christmas mani this year (and many others have used PH as well).  I used one coat of ChG Ooh La La White Pearl, 2 coats of White Kwik Silvr, and dabbed on Party Hearty (as opposed to sponging... I was lazy and didn't want to wait for the whites to dry).  I think it turned out ok - looks like snow with Christmas glitters.  I think it would have looked better had I sponged it, but oh well.  Application on the whites was great, but my PH was a bit thick - looks like a bit has evaporated over time, but it was still usable for this experiment without having to thin it.  Merry Christmas!     >^..^<

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