Friday, December 7, 2012

Lippmann This Christmas

Lippmann This Christmas is from the holiday 2012 Neiman Marcus Santa Baby trio.  I really like this color, surprisingly, as it looked rather "mauve" when I put it on last night.  In the light today though, this is not your mother's frosty mauve!  It is a deep metallic pink, bordering on mauve in color description, but has a lovely purple duochrome that comes out to play, and lends to a darkened edge which gives more depth than a traditional frosty finish.  It's an interesting color, as the bottle looks pinkish with green swirls, so I was very surprised at the color that came out.  Application was great, as with almost every Lippmann I've ever tried, and was deeply pigmented enough to look rich and deep at just 2 coats.  This is a color that will stretch into other seasons easily, not just a holiday color despite the name.  Enjoy!    >^..^<

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