Monday, December 24, 2012

Nicole Orna-ment for Each Other

Nicole Orna-ment for Each Other is from the holiday 2011 collection if I recall correctly.  It's a warm toned red glitter with gold mixed in, giving it an orangey red appearance.  The glitter particles are quite small, which lent itself to a nice application for a glitter.  It was a tad thick, but I think mine has evaporated a little, but it wasn't so thick that I needed to thin it before use, and despite that, it flowed nicely, with very little bleeding of glitter particles onto the cuticle line.  Topped with Gelous and SV it wore very well with no tip wear or chipping.  Unfortunately the sun didn't come out that day, so all the pics are with cloudy skies, or under tungsten lights, which I tried to color correct for.  A definite must have for holiday glitter lovers (and I saw a bunch at Five Below recently, so it's still out there).  Enjoy!     >^..^<

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