Friday, April 5, 2013

Chanel Taboo

Chanel Taboo is a new release for spring 2013.  It's a beautiful deep purple with blue and red sparkles that are stunning in the bottle and almost as much so in direct sunlight on the nail.  Chanel tends to have beautiful in-bottle shimmers that all but disappear when applied, but this one does tend to stick around!  Even in indirect light there is a residual textured appearance to the sparkles that gives it a little interest.  Application was great, and if you are careful you could even get away with one coat, but I used 2 here.  I wish my camera was able to capture the detail of the shimmer as seen in real life, but it seems the best I can do is show the colors of the sparkle.  Wear time is good (especially to the Hologlam I wore yesterday...) as I haven experienced any tip wear or chipping at all.  I used Orly Nailtrition as a base, and Gelous and Poshe as topcoats.  I took these pics after living in it for a while, so the finish is a bit more dulled than I'd like, but I still think it is beautiful!  Enjoy -     >^..^<

ETA:  The first few pics are taken after I added more TC.  :)

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