Wednesday, April 17, 2013

OPI Solitaire

OPI Solitaire is a Liquid Sand polish from the new Bond Girls collection.  It's a soft white matte textured polish with silver glitter that is rather sparse comparatively.  It has a slightly bumpy feel to it, but it certainly doesn't feel like sand paper or catch on clothes, etc.  The formula and application on this was superb - very easy to control, great consistency, no streaking (!!!), and built nicely in opacity.  I used 3 coats here, and it still has a somewhat translucent quality to it, as I can still make out a little vnl.  It is a soft white, not a stark bright color at all.  It's what I was hoping DBmB / Tutu / Funny Bunny, etc would look like on me.  Dry time was very good - I paint my nails at night after the kids go to bed, and I'm up for about an hour after, and this dried down completely with no top coat in that time (maybe faster, but I didn't check it along the way).  Such a pretty polish for spring - I like this one a lot, and can see myself reaching for it often!  Enjoy -     >^,,^<

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  1. WOW! Such a gorgeous polish! Thanks for showing!