Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ChG Midnight Mission

Midnight Mission from China Glaze came out in 2010 as part of the Fall collection.  It is a lovely muted navy, sort of a dark denim in color, with a somewhat foily finish, as it has lots of very small sparkles in it that just give it life.  Application was pretty good - I used just 2 coats here, and it was completely opaque, despite a little streakiness and cuticle drag on the first coat.  I absolutely adore this color; definitely a Top 10 polish for me, hence the backup bottle.  :)   Unfortunately the new camera I have tends to want to brighten and intensify colors like this (no matter how I adjust the white balance), so it looks brighter and more "blue" than it actually is - in real life it is definitely not this bright, is more muted and soft, and the sparkles are visible in all lighting.  I love this one, and if you like colors like this it is definitely worth picking up, as it's still readily available at a reasonable price!  Enjoy -     >^..^<

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