Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sephora X In Like

Sephora X In Like is a beautiful color (in the bottle...) that I picked up a while back and just haven't used.  It is an intriguing taupey grey with gold glitter in the bottle, but it doesn't translate well onto the nail.  I was hoping the taupey grey base would show more, but it is rather sheer actually and gets drowned out by the gold glitter. Application was ok - the brush is a little "moppy" but the formula was good, and it was fairly easy to control.  It is a little sparkler in the sun, and even in indirect indoor lighting it is easy to see the gold glitter.  It's one of those polishes I can't decide if I like or not, as I'm not sure it looks good on my skin tone (not unlike Zoya Jules).  Hmm.  Anyway - enjoy!     >^..^<

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