Saturday, May 11, 2013

ChG Dandy Lyin' Around

ChG Dandy Lyin' Around is a relatively new polish from the spring 2013 collection.  It is a shimmery opaque white, with a glass fleck type finish, although the base is pretty densely pigmented so the shimmer doesn't show up as much as it could.  Application was about what I expected for a white polish - a bit sheer, but at the same time a bit goopy and streaky.  I used 4 coats here to get full opacity and no streaks, and once I applied Poshe the streaks pretty much disappeared.  It has almost a pearly finish, which is actually more obvious in indirect light than in direct sun (I think the sun washes it out).  It is a bit stark, but with a softer finish than a pure white creme.  I'm enjoying this one - hope you do too!     >^..^<


  1. SO pretty :) I love whites with a little something subtle and interesting.

  2. Thanks! I'm liking this one a lot too. :)