Thursday, May 16, 2013

OPI Magazine Cover Mouse

OPI Magazine Cover Mouse is from the new OPI Minnie Mouse collection.  It is a Liquid Sand textured polish, with a muted midtone red base and gold sparkles.  Application was a breeze, as with most Liquid Sand polishes - nice consistency, easy to control, and built to complete opacity in just 2 coats - and it dried fast to boot!  I did not use a topcoat here, so it is a bit matte looking.  Pardon the tip wear - I took these pics after volunteering in my kids' school library for 4 hours.  :)   I am enjoying these textured polishes, and the OPI's are my favorites so far.  This is a lovely one - and I'm sure it would be even more intense with a shiny tc!  Enjoy -    >^..^<

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