Friday, May 3, 2013

Wet n Wild Ferguson Crest Syrah

Wet n Wild Ferguson Crest Syrah is a beautiful color I picked up recently at the drug store.  It's a deep, almost vampy purple with red undertones; not quite wine, definitely more purple.  Application was a little challenging as the brush is a mess - it was frayed and splayed all over, was very moppy, and it was hard to control where it went.  But the polish itself was actually nice - smooth even consistency, good pigmentation, and the sparkles show up well.  I used a coat of Gelous and then SV for this one, as I wanted the sparkles to be as prominent as possible.  So far wear has been very good on it - I'm impressed for it being a WnW, which I don't usually have good luck with.  Not terribly unique, but very pretty if you are into shades like this!  Enjoy -     >^..^<


  1. I love the vampies with the deep shimmer like this. You captured it all beautifully.

  2. I love them too. I find these a little hard to capture accurately - the glitter doesn't seem to want to ever be in focus in sunlight pics!