Friday, September 13, 2013

Delux Kir Royale

Delux Kir Royale is a polish I got years ago in a swap.  I had seen pics of it, and when it became available, I knew I had to have it!  I've never heard of Delux Beauty, before or since, nor have I heard of any other polishes by them.  Since it is so old, I'm assuming it is not b3f - it was kind of hard to tell by smell alone, and the label didn't say.  Application was very nice - good consistency despite it's age, easy to control, flowed nicely and went on without too much streaking.  I used SV as a topcoat here, which I don't normally do, and despite wrapping my tips I still got shrinkage.  I'd describe the color as a warm wine color with gold shimmer that borders on flakes they are so large, as you can see in some of the indirect light shots.  I'm not sure where to find this one any more, so if you like it it might be a little tough to track down - sorry.  But... enjoy!     >^..^<

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