Saturday, October 5, 2013

OPI Pretty at the Premiere

OPI Pretty at the Premiere is from OPI's 2007 collection Hollywood Holiday.  I have to be honest - this may be my favorite polish in my (huge) stash, and has been since it's release.  I only break it out on special occasions, and tonight hubby and I are going to a very nice dinner to celebrate our anniversary, so I think  that counts.  It is a beautiful slightly warm deep red shimmer with blackened edges, and it is just absolutely stunning.  It runs in the same vein as Orly Smolder, ChG Thunderbird, etc, but there is just something special about this one.  Application was very nice - I love the Pro-Wide brush, the formula was fantastic even though it is 6 years old now (!), easy to control, and just because I love opacity and depth of color I used 3 coats here.  I can't recommend this one enough, especially for red lovers out there!  Enjoy -     >^..^<

ETA:  I don't know if there is something about uploading pics here, but these pics appear to be washed out and overexposed - they don't look that way at all in Picasa when I edit them, so I guess just use your imagination.......  sorry!  The above pic is linked directly from photobucket, and is true to color and tone - the below pics are what happens when I upload directly here or link from Picasa web album.  I don't know what is going on or how to fix it! Ugh...

On day 2 I added Zoya Maria Luisa -

This first pic is linked from Photobucket, the rest are direct uploads -

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